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Content Creation

  Ideation. Planning. Creating.

What do we want to capture, and how do we want to capture it?

Creating content can take on many forms, whether visual or text. Once we decide the topic, we can determine the best channel for it. Are you launching a monthly newsletter and looking for some quirky travel stories to include? We’ll create a content calendar, map out ideas, and get to writing. Are you launching a new luggage line and trying to decide the best way to spread the word? We can gift product to key influencers and use their photography as fodder for the launch, accompanied by a fun travel video. How about a drone shoot of your destination to use across social channels? Or some new photography of the neighborhood your hotel is nestled in to promote travel to that city? Whether it’s a new hotel opening in Greece or a restaurant pop-up in Los Angeles, we’ll find the perfect way to capture your project and achieve your goals.

Photography, video, captions, social content, blog post, article, eBook, and more.